Troubles with Protosaur and Svelte

Jan 23, 2021 6:24 AM

At Mozilla, we have a micro-service called that hosts static websites from Google Cloud Storage buckets. It proxies requests to cloud storage buckets and serves content behind our authentication system. It reduces the overhead of deploying prototypes of data applications. I’ve deployed this schema deploy dashboard for mozilla-pipeline-schemas, which regulary scrapes BigQuery to determine timestamps of updates.

I’ve been writing web applications using Svelte recently. It’s been a boon to my productivity — I can go from idea to materialized concepts within a few hours or days. It’s my favorite tool of 2020 (probably going into this year). The one problem with single page applications is that they do not play well when hosted in a directory in a domain.

I ran into this as I was rewriting an ETL query log tool called etl-graph. It was deployed to, which worked out well when it was just a single page. However, I started adding routing to the page. There is an exploration, statistics, and artifact page which all have their own sub-routes. With the route into the domain, it is difficult to fetch assets relative to the application root. For example, consider the following fetch:

let resp = fetch("data/edgelist.json");

Instead of fetching from, the browser looks from the root of the domain i.e. This breaks the application and requires a work-around. One way is to encode the application path into a pattern and replace it before running it:

let resp = fetch("__root__/data/edgelist.json");

__root__ can be the empty when developing locally. When building n production, __root__ can be etl-graph. This solution is hacky at best. The alternative is to provision a sub-domain where the application has control over the routes. This is the solution that sites like and adopt, and this too is how solves it.