Sapper export and preloaded routes

Jan 24, 2021 9:45 PM

Sapper is a server-side rendering framework that is effectively a port of Next.js in Svelte. I am using it to generate static websites with routing capabilities. During sapper export --legacy, sapper will go through all reachable routes and execute any preloaded content before creating a static bundle for each route.

In the routes/git-logs.txt.js, I can write a small function that is called on the route which is served up by the server.

import child_process from "child_process";

export function get(req, res, next) {
  let logs = child_process.execSync(
    `git log -n 10 --pretty="format:%hn %cd %s" --date=rfc`

This fetches the last 10 commits from the local git repository and serves it as a text file at the route git-logs.txt. Then inside of routes/index.svelte, I can write code to access this route.

<script context="module">
  export async function preload() {
    let resp = await this.fetch("git-logs.txt");
    return { logs: await resp.text() };

  export let logs;

This is great when I want to include pieces of data from the system or an external source at build time e.g. a version from package.json. It’s important to note that running fetch outside of preload in the module script will not be loaded by sapper export. It will work fine in development or when running on a server, so take the time to understand the different options.